Monday, October 31, 2011

Adler 87

You are looking at a rare, powerful, reliable Adler 87. It will easily sew through any type of fabric, straight stitch, zig-zag, and reverse. With the appropriate needle and thread combination your fabric choices are infinite.

Needles for this machine have been obsolete for years and are no longer made (System 1932) After extensive research I have found replacement needles that come in most sizes. (16x257, 1738, DBxF2) These needles have brought renewed life to this sturdy vintage machine.

This machine has been refurbished. I have sewn very sturdy material with it. Small, but heavy. This Adler 87 is very similar in size and function to a Pfaff 130, but rarer.

German engineering at it's best. This machine doesn't quit.  This is another wonderful vintage machine for which there isn't much info on the internet. It took me a long time searching and asking other collectors to finally find a replacement needle system for this one. I hope someone reading this will benefit from this info.


  1. hello my friend gave me an adler 87 last week I am a designer,seamstress, but I have no clue how to thread it

  2. Hi, I have just acquired an Adler 87 but do not know how to thread it. Can you also tell or show me how the bobbin should look when seated? I can be contacted at

  3. Wow that is gorgeous! Great job. I just got a machine just like this with a the orginal manual and many items in the droors that seem to be the original supplies used at its industrial location. Maybe you could give me an idea of what its worth. here is a link to my local classifieds where i have it listed. cut and copy or you can look on thanks tessa.

  4. Hi I have just got a bernina 105, the first Bernina made, it uses 1932 system, so do you think I can use what you do 16X257, which forgive me if I am wrong is a pretty standard industrial system?

    1. I know - go figure. I think I searched for a long time to find this out - I purchased a pack from eBay and it worked - It's been awhile and I don't have my Adler anymore I seem to remember that you had to make sure it was put in with the needle hole in the right direction... Be careful.

  5. Hi! I have this exacta machines with its table. I really want to sell it at a good price and to someone who will know what its worth. Please reply at