Monday, October 31, 2011

Pfaff 138

This is a Pfaff 138 I sold here in San Francisco. 

What a wonderful machine, it zig-zags and has reverse. Smooth and reliable - if you can find one in good shape don't hesitate to get it. Prices can range between $300-$700 for just the head. 

It is not as tough as a walking foot machine, but it will perform better than a household model like the classic Pfaff 130. Less suited for upholstery, but great for sewing clothing. These are also prized by sailmakers.

This was stored for years in a warehouse gathering dust, rust and guming-up from old dried-up oil residue. It took some love and elbow grease to bring it back from disrepair.

She now works flawlessly and serves a young student who has already demonstrated great talent and creativity.

I love it when my machines go to artists that appreciate them. 

See this machine in action in the video below.

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