Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nina Serrano - Kitchen 1940s

My dear friend Nina Serrano read my Blog a couple of weeks ago and sent me this beautiful original drawing she created from her childhood memories:

I asked Nina to write a couple of words to describe the drawing:

This pen/ink and wash drawing was created in 1980 to illustrate two poems I'd written about my childhood memories in the early 1940's in New York City. 

As a child I often visited the crowded apartment  of Haydee and Orencio  Miras and their children with my uncle. There was always a big pot of food on the stove in the kitchen, near the sewing machine where Haydee's elderly mother stitched. 

In the living room adults played guitars and sang, while we kids played among the piles of coats on the bed in the bedroom. The sewing machine was the hearth and heart of that wonderful home.  
Nina's book of poems is available as an ebook on

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