Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Singer 107W1

It's a vintage industrial Singer 107W1 zig zag sewing machine. It sews fantastic stitches and wide zigs and zags. It also came with a cool vintage wooden table and an unusually controllable clutch motor.

This baby had been sitting for years in a warehouse collecting dust. The safety clutch on the roller unit was gummed-up and it was preventing the roller from working properly. I am amazed this Singer was still working in spite of her age. I was able to free all the gummed-up parts and she came back to life with a vengeance.

This machine produces one of the best looking straight stitches I've seen, and one of the largest zig zags. I put her up on craigslist and soon she was sold to a local clothing designer. I'm so happy this machine is now owned by a wonderful young artist here in San Francisco.

Again - I love it when nice people get my machines - I'm confident this machine went to the right person - she knows what she got and will make great use of it. She'll probably pass this Singer 107W1 on to her grandchildren many years from now. After all, this is her first industrial.



  1. Just bought one of these in Tiburon and need some tips on getting it up to speed. It's in our shop in Berkeley where I make pads and straps for an exoskeleton that gets paraplegics out of their wheelchairs, up and walking. It's very rewarding work. Check it out here: My name is Phil Long and I've been sewing leather garments and mosaics for 22 years. you can reach me at

  2. Great to hear about rewarding work - I'll contact you...

  3. I got one of these to sew slip covers, but it doesn't seem like they made zipper feet for these machines. I have the zig-zag foot (which they're selling online everywhere), but it's much to larger to work with the welting I use for slip covering. Do you know which pressure feet for other models fit the 107W1? Thanks!