Friday, March 9, 2012

Necchi BU Mira - Big Wheel

Here's another Necchi BU Mira - this one has the "Big Wheel." I modify these Necchi's so they can work even harder then normal - all steel construction allows for a tougher than nails sewing machine. The heavy hand wheel and double pulley system gives this machine incredible punching power - she can eat through multiple layers of leather for breakfast - no problemo. These Italian wonders are bullet-proof.

This classic machine now belongs to a very talented young artist from The Parish Trust, she uses it to sew leather bags and such. If you are in San Francisco you can't miss this wonderful store. You'll find art, antiques & amusement:

Here's Mariele's website:


  1. Hi!

    Fantastic website. I'm thinking about buying a Necchi BU Mira from S.O.S. Machines in Los Gatos soon. This big wheel modification you do is awesome - I was wondering if you do modifications like this by request. If so, how much would a mod like this cost?


    1. Thanks for the compliment, I'm sorry I don't do modifications for other people. I am working on a Necchi BU Mira with a double pulley that should be available for sale in a week or so. If you are interested in the Big wheel model It would take two weeks to get one done. Let me know if you are interested.

  2. So here I am in New Zealnd with a BU Mira (I think possibly the only one in New Zealand) and I'd like to fit your double pulley system and hand crank....can you help?