Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pfaff 260

This model was the next to the last version of the "Dial-A-Stitch" machines from Pfaff. They streamlined the design by getting rid of the cumbersome stitch width dial. They combined the left-right needle position knob with the stitch width dial and added a momentary zig-zag lever. The forward-reverse lever was also improved by adding a spring loaded reverse.  They added smaller increments to the stitch length dial to facilitate the selection of embroidery stitches. The Pfaff 260-360 and subsequent Pfaff 262-362 were much better machines than the earlier generation of the "Dial-A-Stitch" like the 230 or 330. See post on Pfaff "Dial-A-Stitch" Sewing Machines below.

Click on the video below and watch this machine sewing upholstery leather. 


  1. I recently acquired a 360 and am trying to locate the embroidery design dial or a listing of the dial combinations. Any suggestions??

    1. can anyone tell me how to change the middle belt (timing) on a 260 pfaff