Thursday, March 22, 2012

Who Do I Recommend ?

On occasion my readers will ask me to recommend a place they can get sewing stuff. It varies a lot - some want to know where to get needles or bobbin cases and others want to know where to get big items like servo motors and table tops.

I depend on two sources for most of my stuff. Nick-O Sewing Machine Co. for all the big stuff. Motors, table tops, legs with casters. He also sells refurbished industrials as well as new heavy duty industrial sewing machines. Click on the banner below and you'll get to the website. BTW - he also has an eBay store:

If I'm looking for a rare or hard to find part - like say a Bernina 317 bobbin case, or a slack thread regulator and screw for an old Singer 20U33 or how about a stitch length control knob assembly for an old brown Pfaff 335 - I go to Rudy at  I have purchased all kinds of parts from Rudy. The Pfaff 145 in this blog was refurbished with parts from Cut Sew Service. Talk to Rudy, tell him I sent you:

As far as needles and bobbins I usually search eBay - search by system or brand or even your machine model. As most of you already know - if eBay doesn't have it it probably doesn't exist.

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